National Storytellers League

Adlyn M. Keffer

Short Story Contest

The NSL promotes the Adlyn M. Keffer Short Story contest for original and tellable tales.  The contest begins January 1st and ends at midnight on March 31st.  Entries are limited to 2000 words. Read more about it.

World Storytelling Day

Begun in 2003 by a group of storytellers worldwide, including NSL Life member 

Larry Johnson and his wife Elaine Wynne,  World Storytelling Day  is celebrated on or about March 20 each year in more than 25 countries. 

The 2017 theme is Transformation.  How will you celebrate?


The National Storytellers League and its affiliates join other storytelling enthusiasts around the globe to celebrate the art and power of storytelling on or about the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and each celebration reflects the personality of the members who host them.  Want more information?

Member Leagues

Akron Story Leage

Detroit Story League

Fireside Storytellers' League

Garden State Storytellers 

Lincoln Story League

Prairie State Story League

Richmond Story League

San Francisco Story League

Spokane Story Tellers

Storytellers of Las Cruces

Storytellers Mosaic

West Tennessee Storytellers

About the National Storytellers League

In 1903, Dr. Richard Wyche, a professor of literature at the University of Tennessee, looked to the stars and, being inspired, created the first organized storytellers league of its kind. Dr. Wyche served as its president for 16 years, facilitated storytelling classes, and spurred an interest in the art.  Today, the National Storytellers League seeks to actively preserve and encourage the oral tradition, and its members continue to span the country and to promote the art of Storytelling.