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Singing Sasquatch is a humorous book about a teen's Bigfoot encounters. Several friends go Sasquatch chasing and end up in trouble. Larry saves them each time. He's never convinced about the authenticity but plays along.

Evil Fish contains funny fish stories of Larry's adventures as he imitates Captain Ahab in his quest for mini-Moby Dicks. Killer Whales, sharks, and muskies attempt to drown him, but he escapes in the nick of time. He outwits every finned fiend and catches most fish species in the Pacific Northwest.

buzzed bears

Earth Child: The E.D. Piper Chronicles explores the world of Ehlora Dawn Piper, a young shape-shifter on the run from a geneticist intent on replicating her extraordinary abilities. Dr. Kraven's pursuit of our teen heroine is both obsessive and unrelenting. His goal: to create an army of super soldiers capable of utilizing Ehlora's many forms and skills! “I am human. I am animal. I am Earth Child. My fate - and that of the Earth - is in your hands.” E.D. Piper.

Drafted during the Vietnam era, Larry Johnson filed for conscientious objector status and served as an Army medic in Germany. The life-long peace activist from Golden Valley, Minnesota, answered JFK's call in 1961 and hiked 50 miles. At age 61, he hiked 61 miles down Highway 61 with his grandson Tyler. Just a few weeks ago, to commemorate his 70th birthday, Larry completed a 70 mile hike.

Explore practical insights and advice for creating a truly unique and personal tribute, a fairy tale story, for and about the bride and groom.

Learn what the Best Man's Speech entails, as well as how to research, interview, organize, and prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Note: Larry Johnson is a founder of World Storytelling Day.  It's premise is that if we share our stories, we won't hate each other.

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Earth child: The E.d. piper chronicles

captain capsizer

Larry Johnson

alphasaurus rax: Astounding animal altercations

don't let the best man ruin your wedding:

a bride's best guide for the best man's speech

Humorous short stories about wild animal encounters

Buzzed Bear is a collection of humorous bear encounters.

singing sasquatch

Captain Capsizer is a collection of humorous short stories based on true life canoeing adventures of a teenager in the 1960's. The settings are actual rivers in the Pacific Northwest. He has embellished the characters and changed the stories into Factional accounts..

adrenaline alert

Larry krackle 

Laura KaigHn 

Larry, a Pacific Northwest Tom Sawyer, roams the countryside with his buddies. They can't go into the woods without feathered fiends dive bombing them. Crazy crows, sick seagull and bizarre bald eagles perch at treetops in anticipation to attack. Dirty Birds contains thirteen humorous short stories. Each tale is about a different bird. 

evil fish

Rabbit's tales & Other rites of Passage: Parables for a modern age

After Vesarius is unexpectedly thrust back in time to Earth of 1999, the Vesar warrior meets a school teacher who rescues Vesarius and helps him return to his universe of 2105. But when Dorinda Tanner is subsequently trapped in that future, the pair’s adventures together truly begin. Join Vesarius and Dorinda as they travel into galactic turmoil!

Warrior Spirit: Book Two of the Vesar Warrior Legacy

dirty birds


denise mccormack 

warrior heart: book one of the Vesar Warrior Legacy

This collection of humorous short stories includes a moose ram confrontation, as well as encounters with a cougar, bobcat and wolf.  These real, somewhat exaggerated accounts, include actual characters and settings scattered throughout the west, many seldom visited by normal people.

Sixty-one is a breath of fresh air, sparkling with optimism and hope. Larry Johnson's stories stem from his time serving as a conscientious objector medic, carrying no weapon, to his ongoing peace work and commitment to children as teacher and storyteller. He recalls significant events that span from the 1950s to the present.  Throughout, Larry promotes the hard struggle for peace. His stories also demonstrate the necessity to cross borders internationally to create conditions to prevent violence from destroying our lives.  Sixty-one is a journey worth taking.

                       ~ Jack Zipes, author and professor emeritus, University of Minnesota

bear bytes

Commander Tankawankanyi (Vesarius) has been assigned by the Galactic Alliance as liaison to the Orthop peace negotiations. The renegade warrior’s first challenge, however, is dealing with an equally irascible team of diplomats in order to accomplish his mission.

Delightfully illustrated with the author's own line drawings, this anthology of twenty-three nature tales and original works ties a common thread. Each story shares a promising message, that of hope and harmony for our future. 

Bear Bytes contains thirteen humorous stories of Larry's adventures in the Pacific Northwest. As a teenager he imitated Davey Crockett in a quest to find black bears. He got more than he bargained for. Read about his experiences and discover how he outwits every adversary.