National Storytellers League

2017 AMK Winners
B'ar Sausage  by Larry Krackle
Ice Cream Mud by Ray Gray
Fancy Flights with Gwendolyn 

             by Alexandra Hendrickson


since 1903

Story Art: A Magazine for Storytellers publishes the business of the NSL, as well as articles on storytelling, storytelling aids, program ideas, and stories that are suitable for storytelling. 

The National Storytellers League reaches beyond the borders of the nation and welcomes all those who want to improve, perform, research, or simply enjoy the fine art of storytelling.

The Adlyn M. Keffer Short Story contest welcomes entries from members and non-members alike... because everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear them.  Learn more about it.

New deadline of April 15 for submissions sent via email.

The National Storytellers League encourages the appreciation of the good

and the beautiful, in life and in literature, through the art of storytelling.